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Duchess Camilla's quirky gold earrings add a sophisticated edge to her latest look

Duchess Camilla perfectly executed late-summer style at a royal engagement at the Eden Project in Cornwall. The Duchess of Cornwall gives us a masterclass on statement jewelry with her latest outfit in Cornwall.

  • The Duchess of Cornwall was seen wearing her 'South West Dress' at the Eden Venture in Cornwall yesterday, polishing the outfit off for certain refined gold hoops.
  • Duchess Camilla was visiting the Eden Undertaking to partake in an extraordinary appearance on an episode of The Collectibles Roadshow close by Fiona Bruce.
  • This regal news comes as Meghan Markle admits she needed a 'Swan Lake' wedding with 'poofy' dress in Prime examples digital broadcast.
  • Duchess

    Duchess Camilla's fashion choices have us sitting up and paying attention lately. Today saw Duchess Camilla bringing back her iconic 'South West dress' as she teamed up with Fiona Bruce on a special visit to Cornwall. While earlier in the summer, Camilla revealed her summer fashion must-have - a stylish costume so she can try a spot of wild swimming if the opportunity arises! The dress, which was previously worn during her and Charles' tour of the South West region earlier this year, was expertly paired with some statement gold earrings that added a sophisticated element to her outfit - perfect for what looks like a delightful late-summer afternoon.

    The future Sovereign Partner headed out to the Eden Venture in Cornwall for a unique appearance on an episode of The Collectibles Roadshow close by Fiona Bruce on Tuesday 6 September. The enormous gold circles rolls out an improvement from Duchess Camilla's unique pearl studs, which she's frequently seen brandishing at illustrious commitment - however there is something the two hoops style share practically speaking. It was as of late uncovered during a meeting with Vogue(opens in new tab) to check the Duchess' 75th birthday celebration that the Duchess really doesn't have her ears pieced, so these studs will truly be cut on. The Duchess uncovered this less popular reality while examining being a grandparent with the magazine. "You realize the decent thing about being a grandma is that you can ruin them incidentally, give them a greater amount of the things that their folks preclude them to have," she uncovered. "The young ladies are starting to get into garments and make-up and, you know, it's somewhat terrifying when you see them, emerging with pierced ears and a great deal of new make-up and interesting shaded hair and stuff."

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