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Protesters shut down Tomi Lahren event at UNM

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Moderate political observer Tomi Lahren was planned to talk at the College of New Mexico Thursday night. Lahren was welcomed as a visitor speaker by the Defining moment USA understudy section at UNM. Be that as it may, a huge horde of dissidents were disturbed Lahren was nearby during the beginning of Hispanic Legacy Month, as per Maddie Mukite, an UNM understudy. Lahren has worked up debate with past proclamations about the People of color Matter development and movement. Inside the Understudy Association Expanding nearby, mobile phone video shows dissenters outside the ways to the assembly hall where Lahren was talking. UNM said an opening in the wall was made by protestors. College authorities said they are "researching these episodes and will hold anybody who disregarded the law or College approaches responsible."


Lahren and students inside the ballroom were escorted out. UNM officials said there were no injuries reported. In an Instagram video, Lahren said she was disappointed to see how the campus handled the protest.

In a statement, Turning Point USA said:

“Sadly, what happened in New Mexico is far too common. The students and community organizations responsible for this mob that caused damage to the venue—and forced Tomi and her father to be barricaded in a safe room for 45 minutes—must be held accountable. We will only get more threats of violence unless there are serious consequences for this behavior. We are looking into all possible avenues to help achieve that end.”

UNM shared the following statement with KOB 4:

"The College of New Mexico is focused on the standards of free discourse and values its job as a public square for banter, a commercial center of thoughts, and a spot to test and challenge contending perspectives and sentiments. In this specific situation, permitting speakers welcomed by an understudy association nearby not the slightest bit suggests a support of the substance of their talks or their viewpoints. Also, the people who can't help contradicting the thoughts communicated are urged to voice their viewpoints consciously."

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